sydney ballet school

Olivia has a long affiliation using the McDonald College. She commenced inside the after hours program at Several years of age and adored dancing and performing immediately. She joined The McDonald College like a full-time student in Year 3 and continued until Year 10 together with her primary focus on classical ballet. Olivia may be trained in The Royal Academy of Dance through The McDonald College and has received distinction in all exams using the excellent teaching The faculty provides. Next year she auditioned and was accepted into fulltime study with Australian International Ballet Academy (AIBA) program in the McDonald College.

sydney ballet school

In Year 4, Olivia was selected to execute within the Sleeping Beauty production with all the Australian Ballet; this experience cemented her love of ballet, and her need to further develop her classical ballet skills and strive to towards eventually joining a ballet company. On the chronilogical age of 16 years, Olivia auditioned and was accepted to the Dutch National Ballet School, Amsterdam where she commences in September, 2012.

McDonald College

Although a long way at home, Olivia is working hard to achieve her imagine becoming a member of a ballet company. Olivia is grateful for the hours of input she has received from the many wonderful ballet teachers like a student in the McDonald College. It has been an extremely nurturing and supportive environment on her behalf to develop her classical ballet skills. She'll miss her teachers dearly. As she pursues her further development of ballet overseas she'll treasure the countless hours of teaching and encouragement the employees have given her who have enabled her to follow her dream.

“I still remember my first ballet class and never wanting to leave the studio. I haven’t got the language to spell out the impression I get when I dance, but it’s like I forget everything around me...I'm able to be myself. The greatest thrill, and what I enjoy probably the most is when I perform on stage and express myself through dance.

Everyday whether I'm coming from the stage or walking out from the studio, my love and determination for ballet becomes stronger. I can’t imagine my well being without it and feel it usually is part of me. I desire to eventually performing like a principal artist in a ballet company and I can’t wait to begin with my journey in the Het National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam.” Olivia Starr, 2011.


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